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Zombie Holiday

"Zombie Holiday" is an arcade style game in which you play as Santa Claus whose defending the north pole from a zombie apocalypse.You utilize your arsenal of fun and interesting weapons like the "Molotov Eggnog" and "Explosive Presents" to fight off waves of zombies which increase in difficulty. The game plays similar to angry birds, in which you fire projectiles. The difference is that these zombies fight back! This app is great for anyone who likes arcade games and zombies!
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Zombie Holiday Features:
50 Levels of increasing difficulty
5 different weapon types to keeps things interesting
Many unique enemies which require new strategies and weapons
Over 50 upgrades which allow you to choose your own play style
The game code is written entirely of HTML & JavaScript using ImpactJS Framework. The same code you see running in the browser is what runs at 60 FPS in the iOS App. Ask me about it!

Zombie Holiday is available for $0.99 now on the iTunes Store. There's also a free version on both the iTunes Store and The Chrome Store, and you can read
more about it at my website. Here is a youtube video of Zombie Holiday in action and I posted some screenshots below.

This game was developed by a group of weekend Indie Developers out of Columbus, Ohio and We really hope you like the result of our hard work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the app or just questions about us. Thank you in advance for trying our game.

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Author:Corey Snyder
Updated:December 20, 2012
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