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Manyland, an infinite sandbox mmo where what you draw... becomes real
Posted October 30, 2014, 3:50 am — by Philipp
Apiheld, good question! There are no pre-set goals, but people can make up their own goals, and they do... for instance, we're currently all busy preparing Halloween parties and games, and recently organized a build-area-based-on-random-words event -- have a look. The challenge isn't artificial enemies, the challenge is real -- real creative challenges (and sometimes, real social challenges). On purpose, there are no invisible rails to drive people towards a destination... we create our different destinations, and invent completely new ones.

In Manyland, you can also create areas with specific goals. This one is an example: the goal is to go get a vacation ticket :)

Another way to think of Manyland is as an open visual chat world. We make friends, chat, team up, play games, quizzes and more. We don't call Manyland a game -- rather, a world that includes games (and much more). It might not be for everyone, but some of the loyal manyzens are now already there for a year, since we launched. If you give it a try, you might meet some of us!

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