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Animation Tasks for ImpactJs
Posted July 6, 2015, 11:33 am — by AndrewMast
Again, working on my game I ran into a problem and created a plugin for it.

The plugin is found
here, on Github.

The Demo is coming soon.

Any improvements are welcome :)

I know that this plugin is about the same, but I needed a simple one.

Overwhelming projects - Best way to start?
Posted July 6, 2015, 7:36 am — by drhayes
I do that too when I am at my self-defeating best. I catch myself prioritizing code problems over game problems; architecture versus more levels, design patterns versus more puzzles. I think I've traced it to the root: it's because I have more faith in my ability to solve technical problems than I have faith in my ability to make a fun game. In short, for me, it's fear of failure.

I'm a perfectionist about my codebases and I've received a lot of positive reinforcement throughout my career that tells me that's the right problem to solve and that I'm good at it. It's not the case with my game, though. Finishing the game is the right problem to solve. All else is secondary. And I'd rather my finished game fail with an audience than my half-finished game never see the light of day.

Ways I've distracted myself:
start a game engine, start a level editor.

Code organization is only a problem when it's a problem. Performance is only a problem when it's a problem. Finishing the game is the only problem that matters.

All this to say: yup, right there with you. ( =

What helped me a lot is to make a list of things to do: player abilities to implement, how to save and load a game, menu system, etc. Each thing that I didn't think I could solve in about four hours I broke down into smaller bits. Once I had a few of those I reorganized them into "fun" and "maintenance". I do a fun thing to motivate me and build momentum, then I do a maintenance thing to make me feel better about my codebase.
Impact++ Ability Shoot - Offset Velocity Problem
Posted July 5, 2015, 10:34 pm — by capgun
Hi guys, I've been following the 'getting started' tutorials over at

I'm trying to increase my projectile velocity to something larger than 200 but I can't seem to get my projectile moving any faster.

I've also set my user.config to:

    MAX_VEL_X: 1200

This isn't achieving the desired result. Any help would be greatly appreciated, i'm seriously pulling my hair out over this one.

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